Protection of lumber against blue stain and fungus

Blue stain of wood is a condition which considerably reduces the commercial value of sawn timber. The fungi responsible for the development of blue stains particularly often attack lumber in spring and summer. Stains appear in the structure of the material stored for a long time at high temperatures. They are wedge-shaped or ring-shaped (forehead) or dots and streaks (sides of lumber). This process is called raw blue stain.

Although blue stain does not affect the mechanical properties of sawn timber, it significantly lowers its value, as it indicates a poor storage method. Such a raw material will also not find recognition in carpentry due to its reduced aesthetic value. However, the symptoms of blue stain do not eliminate the raw material. Various half-measures in the form of more or less effective mixtures of antifungal and bleaching substances have been used for a long time. The time of half-measures, however, is over. We no longer have to rely on good advice or communal news. The tried and tested Weiss Holz agent dedicated to fighting blue stain has been introduced for sale. It is a strong agent that also works as a bleach. The use of Weiss Holz will effectively avoid the loss of sawn value – it is worth remembering that in summer, freshly cut wood can darken very quickly, thus losing its value. This is where a proven agent with an established position on the market comes in handy (it is used on a large scale in sawmills).


Because the article about the bruise of wood enjoys unflagging popularity. Based on the questions asked, we know that he has not fully exhausted the topic. We decided to expand the substantive part a bit to bring the issue of combating blue stain to our customers even better.

What is the blue stain of wood and its influence on the performance of wood?

The blue stain of wood is an aesthetic disadvantage of raw wood consisting of gray, gray, steel and even black color of the wood. This discoloration is the result of the development of fungi in the wood (namely the imperfect Deuteromycetes and Ascomycetes belonging to the fungi). Microscopic examination confirms that the fungi grow mainly through funnel-shaped pits, directly damaging the tubular cell walls only to a small extent. The structure of the wood remains intact in practice. Thus, the influence of blue stain on its mechanical properties is negligible. The infected parts of the raw material retain their utility values, however, due to their unsightly appearance, they are not suitable for use in carpentry or construction. Everywhere where elements made of it will be displayed and are to be a decorative element. The material affected by blue stain, despite only aesthetic defects, was losing its value, and finding buyers is problematic.

The product effectively removes blue stain of wood.

Weiss Holz is a surface-active, liquid product that effectively combats blue stain in wood. Available in packages from 5 kg, through 24 kg, up to 240 kg – and even for particularly large industrial applications of 1000 kg.

Application of the product on blue stain of wood.

Smaller and more detailed surfaces can be covered with the product using a brush. When we are dealing with an application on a larger scale or it is subject to e.g. a ready roof truss or other spatial structures, we can apply the product in the form of a spray. When, on the other hand, you need an application on a truly industrial scale. Used, for example, in a sawmill, we can use baths for the entire production. Each of these methods of application provided at the stage of creating the recipe ensures equally high effectiveness of the product.

The effectiveness of Weiss Holz.

After applying, the effects of blue stain disappear after a few minutes, although you need to wait about a day for the full effect. In the case of surfaces particularly heavily attacked by blue stain, product applications must be repeated in order to obtain complete and even surface whitening.

The Weiss Holz-treated logs, beams, boards and even ready-made structures such as roof trusses, garden furniture or elements of log houses regain their aesthetic values. Thus, regaining the original value.

Weiss Holz, an effective agent preventing and combating blue stain of wood, is available from


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