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Ekoprodur S0310F - open-cell insulation and warming system for professionals 477kg

• Package type: drums
• Content: 477 kg
• Collective packing: 2 drums on a pallet

About the product:
Ekoprodur S0310F is a technical product used by professionals for walls and attics insulation in residential buildings and warehouses. Thanks to the innovative pressure spray technology, polyurethane tightly and quickly prepares the thermal insulation layer.

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5 sets of 477kg
8 sets of 477 kg
10 sets of 477 kg
15 sets of 477kg

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Ekoprodur S0310F is a product for professionals, who deal with thermal insulation systems in housing, public buildings and warehouses. It is used for thermal insulation of internal and external walls and for attics. Thanks to that technology, the building does not cause heat infiltration through the walls. It is a two-component product and has self-extinguishing properties. It is an environmental friendly product, because it does not content Freon, (greenhouse effect gas). 


• Apparent core density ≥ 7 kg/m3
• Fire classification: F
• Thermal conductivity λ = 0,037 W/m•K
• Short-term water absorption by partial immersion, WP ≤ 0,35 kg/m2
• Closed-cell content ≤20%
• Cream time 4 ± 1 s
• Gel time 10 ± 2 s
• Tack free time 13 ± 3 s

Content of 447kg set:
• Component A POLY = 227kg
• Component B ISOCYANATE = 250kg