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Feed-grade magnesium oxide (calcined magnesite) 1000 kg

Magnesium oxide MgO is a qualified additive for animal feeds and premixes. Magnesium oxide is important in the diet of ruminants. The animals need it to grow and reproduce properly and to have the proper appetite. Magnesium ensures proper functioning of muscles and nerves of mammals. The demand for magnesium oxide grows during strenuous exercise.

Oxide deficiencies may cause for instance:
• Tremors
• Inhibited growth
• Lack of appetite
• Excitation

Due to its properties, magnesium plays an important role in metabolic processes. Magnesium oxide activates many enzymes, actively participates in the production of energy and regulates the flow of calcium to the cells of the heart muscle.

Magnesium oxide quantities are specified per tonne of feed:
• For horse: from 13kg to 15kg
• For lactating farm sows: 6kg
• For sows: 1kg
• For dairy cows:
• 20kg milk/day – 25kg
• 35kg milk/day – 35kg
• For bulls: from 4kg to 8kg
• For sheep: from 1kg to 3kg

Order lead time: up to 3 working days.
•    MgO content min. 83%
•    grey to brown colour

Precautionary statements:
P262 Do not get in eyes, on skin, or on clothing.
P282 Wear cold insulating gloves/face shield/eye protection.
P285 In case of inadequate ventilation wear respiratory protection.
P260 Do not breathe dust.

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Feed-grade magnesium oxide (calcined magnesite) 1000 kg – Magnesium oxide, also known as calcined magnesite, is an inorganic chemical compound from the group of base oxides. It contains magnesium at the second oxidation stage. It has quite a broad application. It is a qualified additive for feeds and premixes.