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Poliethylene HDPE granulate for production of wires and fiber optic cables 1200kg

Polyethylene POLIMAXX P702BK high density (HDPE) - is a compound used in the production of special jackets and fiber optic cable sheaths. The compound provides protection against abrasion and corrosion, it is easy to process. Additives contained in the product are necessary for the extrusion process which ensures phenomenal resistance to UV radiation and all weather conditions. Thanks to this, we will avoid any disturbances that may be caused by external effects.

CAS number: 9002-88-4

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Polyethylene in POLIMAXX P702BK granules with high density (HDPE) is obtained in two ways:

• The Ziegler method (low pressure), in which the pressure is between 1-50 bar, temp. 20 - 150 ° C, and the catalysts are titanium esters, aluminum alkyls and halothitanes,
• The Philips method (medium pressure), in which the pressure is between 30 and 40 bar, temp. 85 - 180 ° C, and the catalyst is chromium (VI) oxide, also called chromic anhydride.

The granulate is used for the production of protective jackets for wires, and fiber optic cables (polyethylene P702BK contains a wide range of additives that during production of the protective coating of cables neutralize UV radiation and suppress the effects of atmospheric conditions resulting in no interference during data transfer, etc.), garbage tanks, fuel oil containers, barrels and equipment for the chemical industry. In the automotive industry, polyethylene has helped to solve the problem of corrosion.  Thanks to its unlimited formability, you can create almost any part out of it. Not only is it cheaper than metal, but it is much lighter and more durable.

Properties of HDPE polyethylene:

• Density, 230°C, g/cm3: =<0,954,
• Melt flow index (190°C/2,16 kg), g/10min: 17 – 0,35,
• Melting temp. of the crystalline phase: 130°C – 135°C,
• Notched impact strength acc. Charpy: 6kJ/m2,
• Thermal stability without changes in mechanical properties in the short term: 90°C – 120°C,
• Thermal stability without changes in mechanical properties in the longer term: 70°C – 80°C.