ABSNa 50 Universal, anionic cleaning surfactant

ABSNa 50 belongs to the group of anionic surfactants and is a sodium salt of 50% concentration of alkylbenzene sulfonic acid. The product is in the form of a concentrated paste, which translates into beneficial economic aspects, e.g. when using a product for the production of washing powders. This product is in the form of a liquid paste that can undergo delamination, which does not affect the product’s properties. After mixing, it takes a homogeneous form. The color of the product is determined on an iodine scale and is a maximum of 3 (measured for a 15% solution of the product on an active substance basis).

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ABSNa 50 is mainly used as a component of liquid and powder washing agents. This product has high foaming, wetting, emulsifying, dispersing and, above all, detergent properties. It is the basic washing component of washing powders and gels – for both home and professional use. The product shows synergism in the washing process together with non-ionic products – especially with ROKAnol L7 and ROKAnol L7A. The product can be mixed with these products and other ingredients of washing preparations – e.g. EDTA, sodium carbonate, pyrophosphate, enzymes or fillers to prepare the final washing formulation.

The foaming properties of the product can be adjusted with sodium soaps and defoamers. ABSNa 50 has excellent degreasing properties and is therefore also used in the leather industry.

Product Advantages:

  • creating high and stable foams; the product is especially recommended for applications where the presence of foams is a key and necessary phenomenon;
  • compared to sulfated alcohols, ABSNa 30 exhibits resistance to hydrolysis in an alkaline environment;
  • has very good detergent, degreasing, wetting, dispersing and emulsifying properties;


  • household laundry detergents;
  • washing and washing detergents for professional use;
  • construction – aeration admixtures;
  • emulsion polymerization;
  • plant protection products;


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