ABSNa 50 (Sodium Dodecylbenzene Sulfonate) Universal, anionic cleaning surfactant

About the product

  • anionic surfactant at a concentration of 50% in solution,
  • concentrated form as a liquid paste with a tendency to delaminate,
  • a wide spectrum of functions in formulations – wetting, foaming, detergent, dispersing and emulsifying abilities,
  • universal application in various branches of industry,
  • synergistic action with non-ionic surfactants, fillers and other washing formulation ingredients,
  • shows resistance to hydrolysis in an alkaline medium,
  • biodegradable product,
  • available in the Kosher Passover option,
  • manufactured in GMP EFfCI production facilities.
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ABSNa 50 is an anionic surfactant that is the sodium salt of alkylbenzene sulphonic acid. The commercial product comes at a 50% concentration of the active ingredient. It has the form of a concentrated liquid paste with a tendency to delaminate, which, however, does not affect the properties of the product. The colour of ABSNa 50 is given according to the iodine scale and for a 15% solution of the product per active ingredient is a maximum of 3.

ABSNa 50 is an essential component of liquid and powder laundry detergents. It exhibits excellent wetting, washing, cleaning, as well as emulsifying and dispersing properties. The product is also characterised by the ability to form high and stable foams, which is particularly important in the manufacture of products for industrial applications requiring high foaming properties.

Owing to its wide range of functions, ABSNa 50 is a key ingredient in laundry detergents in powder form as well as in laundry liquids and gels. It is used as a raw material for the production of laundry detergents dedicated to the industrial washing and cleaning sector, but also for household laundry preparations. In comparison with sulphated alcohols, ABSNa 50 shows good hydrolysis resistance in alkaline medium. This feature determines its use in the production of highly alkaline washing and cleaning detergents dedicated for professional use.

An additional advantage of the product is its synergistic effect in the washing process with non-ionic surfactants such as ROKAnol L7 and ROKAnol L7A. The product may also be mixed with other laundry detergent ingredients, which include sodium carbonate, pyrophosphate, enzymes and fillers.

ABSNa 50 is a substance with very good degreasing ability, and it is successfully used for degreasing and washing rawhides in the tanning industry. In addition, ABSNa 50 works as an emulsifier in the production of styrene-acrylic dispersions, styrene-butadiene latexes, acrylic dispersions and vinyl acetate homo- and copolymers.

In the textile industry, ABSNa 50 is well suited for removing dyes from dye baths. It is also a component of admixtures and aerating additives for concrete and cement mortars. It has the ability to activate alumina during the manufacture of cellular concrete.

ABSNa 50 is anaerobically biodegradable and therefore complies with the criteria of the Detergents and Cosmetics Directive no. 648/2004.

 Product Benefits:

  • excellent foaming properties – produces high and stable foams,
  • very good wetting, washing, cleaning and laundry properties,
  • used as an emulsifier or dispersant in various industrial formulations,
  • shows high resistance to hydrolysis in an alkaline medium,
  • suitable for liquid and powder formulations.


  • liquid and powder laundry detergents for household use,
  • washing and laundry detergents for industrial washing and cleaning,
  • aerating admixtures for concrete and mortar,
  • emulsion polymerisation,
  • plant protection products.