Agents for effective blue stain fungi removal – Weiss Holz

Weiss Holz wood removal product

  • Restores the natural color of wood
  • Does not affect its structure
  • It effectively and permanently removes blue stain
  • Innovative formula
  • Does not change the mechanical parameters of wood


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Weiss Holz is a preparation for removing wood stain. Blue stain is a big problem for foresters and sawmills. Especially in the spring and summer, because wood is most easily bruised then – high humidity and heat threaten it. Therefore, preventive measures should be taken. At wood humidity of 23%, the wood enters a dry protective state, which protects it against blue stain.

What is blue stain and where does it occur?

Blue stain is the color of coniferous round wood or grated materials from blue to green-black. It occurs in the wood of dying trees, in round wood and in coniferous timber, mainly in pine and spruce wood, but we will not find it in healthy trees remaining on the trunk or on dried wood. Weiss Holz wood stain removal product quickly cope with discoloration on wood caused by blue stain in broadly understood wood processing, especially in the construction and furniture industries. The Weiss Holz wood removal agent does not affect the structure and surface structure of the wood, the mechanical and strength parameters are preserved, as well as the natural color. You can read more about bruising and removal on our blog.

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UN 1760

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EU 1080