Ammonium chloride


  • Production of batteries and galvanic cells
  • Thickening component in the production of surfactants
  • Production of fertilizers
  • Laboratory reagent
  • Crosslinking agent in the production of mixtures
  • Metal surface treatment
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Ammonium chloride – called “salmiak” is an inorganic chemical compound from the chloride group. Used in the production of fertilizers and for cleaning metal surfaces. Ammonium chloride is used as a thickener in the production of surfactants. Ammonium chloride is a component in the production of shampoos, shower gels, body cleansers. Salmiak is used for the production of washing powders, batteries and dyeing. In the galvanizing process, ammonium chloride is used to activate the surface of pipes to the effect of metallic zinc in the process of galvanizing, tinning, and dye production. It is often used as a hardener for urea-formaldehyde resins used in the production of adhesives. In industrial production, ammonium chloride is used to make solar panels.


  • Common name: Salmiak
  • The content of the main ingredient – 99.5%
  • Name of substance: AMMONIUM CHLORIDE
  • Chemical formula: NH4Cl
  • CAS number: 12125-02-9
  • EC marking: 235-186-4
  • Index number: 017-014-00-8
  • Registration number: 01-2119489385-24-XXXX
  • Synonyms: salmiak.
  • Appearance: colorless to white powder
  • Odor: odorless
  • Odor threshold: not applicable
  • pH: no data available
  • Melting point: sublimation at 338 ° C
  • Initial boiling point and boiling range: not applicable
  • Flash point: not applicable
  • Evaporation rate: not applicable
  • Flammability: not flammable
  • Upper / lower flammability limit or upper / lower explosion limit: not applicable
  • Vapor pressure: no data available
  • Vapor density: no data available
  • Relative density: approx.1.5 g / cm3 (20 ° C)
  • Solubility: in water: about 283 g / L at 25ºC
  • Partition coefficient: n-octanol / water: no data available
  • Auto-ignition temperature: not applicable
  • Decomposition temperature: 338 ° C
  • Viscosity: not applicable
  • Explosive properties: not applicable
  • Oxidizing properties: none

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