Ammonium nitrate 34% fertilizer

Ammonium nitrate 34% is the most popular agricultural fertilizer. The basic use of saltpeter is pre-sowing and top dressing of all types of agricultural plantations, in particular in the so-called starting dose, which often determines the amount of obtained crop.

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Ammonium nitrate is available in the form of white granules with a diameter of 2-6 mm. It is dedicated for mechanical seeding with various fertilizer spreaders. The use of a nitrogen form allows the application of fertilizer for all crops: winter and spring cereals, industrial root crops, on grassland and in vegetable growing and horticulture from spring to summer. For late use, when there is no possibility of mixing with soil, apply to moist soil or by the expected rain. Ammonium nitrate is a highly hygroscopic fertilizer, therefore it can be mixed with salmag, ammonium sulfate, immediately before sowing with Poldap, Polifoska, Polimag and potassium salt, provided that the carts are dry. Due to the high hygroscopicity of the fertilizer, it should be stored in clean and dry warehouses.

It must be protected against:

  • water and rainfall
  • direct sunlight
  • mechanical damage to the packaging
  • heating above 32 ⁰C

Plants (recommended doses of ammonium nitrate in kg / ha *):

  • rye, barley and oats – for every 1 ton of grain 50 – 78
  • wheat and triticale – for every 1 ton of grain 56 – 94
  • oilseed rape – for every 1 t of seeds 125 1-187
  • maize for grain – for every 1 ton of grain 47 – 72
  • peas, field beans – for every 1 t of seeds 31 – 56
  • potato on manure2 – for every 10 tons of tubers 94 – 125
  • potato without manure – for every 10 t of tubers 125 – 156
  • sugar beet without manure – for every 10 tons of roots 125 – 156
  • meadows and pastures – for every 2 t of hay or 10 t of green matter 55 – 78
  • grasses in the field – for every 10 tons of green matter 125 – 180
  • grasses with papilionaceous plants – for every 10 tons of green matter 62 – 94

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