Ammonium sulfate As 21 fertilizer

Ammonium sulfate As 21 fertilizer (NH4) 2SO4 is a nitrogen fertilizer used both pre-sowing and top dressing is a rich source of sulfur and nitrogen. The fertilizer fantastically dissolves in water, therefore, it is a fast-acting fertilizer recommended especially for sulfur-loving plants. Its long-term use may lower the pH of the soil profile, which is why plantations may require lime ion balancing.

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Ammonium sulphate As 21 fertilizer enables feeding plants with nitrogen and sulfur before spring vegetation. Adequate sulfur content protects plants at the beginning of vegetation.


Product Advantages:


  • Typical pre-sowing fertilizer.
  • Nitrogen in effective ammonium form.
  • The crystalline form of the product accelerates its application in contrast to products with a large granule (dissolves faster).
  • High content of sulfur readily available to plants.
  • Slow action – long-lasting nitrogen source for plants.
  • Perfect for sulfur-loving plants as well as potatoes and corn.
  • Can be mixed with other solid fertilizers.



  • For use on alkaline or neutral soils, and on slightly acidic soils for plants well tolerating such a reaction, or when they are systematically limed.
  • It is recommended to mix the fertilizer thoroughly with soil to avoid nitrogen loss.
  • Before sowing, you can mix with ammonium phosphate, potassium fertilizers, and shortly before spreading with urea
  • High efficiency of crystalline sulfate fertilization is achieved by using applicators

Fertilizer composition:


  • N (total nitrogen): 21%
  • N (ammonium nitrogen): 21%
  • SO3 (S) (water-soluble): 60% (24%)


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