Ammonium sulfate – pharmaceutical quality

Pharmaceutical grade ammonium sulfate – inorganic sulfuric acid ammonium salt. Salt very well soluble in water. Ammonium sulfate can be obtained by dissolving ammonia in sulfuric acid. Ammonium salt is used in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries. Ammonium sulphate has the chemical formula (NH4) 2SO4. The product is approved as the active ingredient (API) in pharmaceutical applications. The ammonium content is 27.2 g in 100 g (NH4) 2SO4.

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Ammonium sulfate is also used as:

A stabilizing substance in food production

Intermediate for the production of ammonium salts in the pharmaceutical industry

Yeast nutrient in the baking industry

Substance in the biopharmaceutical industry

Product for the production of preparations for permanent waving


It has certificates confirming its high quality and purity:

  • ISO 9001: 2016 certificate
  • ISO 22000: 2006 certificate



  • Chemical name Ammonium Sulfate
  • CAS number 7783-20-2
  • EC number (EINECS) 231-984-1
  • Chemical formula (NH4) 2SO4
  • Synonyms: Ammonium sulfuric acid, Siarczan amonu,
  • Molar mass: 132.14 g / mol
  • Main ingredient content: 100%
  • External appearance: colorless to white crystals
  • Density: 1.769 g / cm3
  • Solubility in water at 20 ° C: 76 g / 100 ml
  • pH 5-6
  • Molecular weight 132.14
  • Contents of Ammonium 27.2 g in 100 g of (NH4) 2SO4
  • Shelf life 5 years
  • Storage Conditions Store in tightly closed packages at temperature: -5 – 45 ° C, and relative humidity: 5 – 98%

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