Anionic foam-forming surfactants (Sodium Decyl Sulfate) – ROSULFAN D

ROSULfan D is an anionic surfactant from the alkyl sulfate group. The product is a sodium salt of alkyl sulfate and is available as a 35% low viscosity, colorless to pale yellow aqueous solution.

This product has very good foaming properties, forming high and stable during foam even in hard water. Foams obtained from ROSULfan D are characterized by a high degree of hydration (so-called wet foam) and a small bubble diameter – fine foam. Rosulfan D also has a low tendency to gel in electrolyte solutions, which eliminates the problems associated with local viscosity increases, e.g. in dispensing systems.

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Due to the unique foaming properties, ROSULfan D is mainly used as an aeration agent in the construction industry, mainly in the production of drywall, making it possible to produce light and durable materials.

The product is also used as a component of synthetic extinguishing agents, where it is the basic foaming agent and can be mixed with other surfactants offered by the PCC Group. The product can be used in alkaline extinguishing media with tolerance to lye solution up to 90 g / l.

ROSULfan D is also used as a component of drilling muds in tunneling processes, where its foaming and wetting properties are used.

Product Advantages:

  • unique foaming properties, especially in hard water;
  • very good aeration properties;
  • optimal wetting properties;
  • easy handling of the product;
  • exhibits action under both alkaline and acidic pH conditions;


  • foaming agent in the manufacture of drywall;
  • firefighting industry;
  • drilling industry;


  • CHEMICAL NAME: Sodium sulfate decyl alcohol
  • EC number: 205-568-5
  • CAS NUMBER: 142-87-0
  • REACH Number: 01-2119970328-30
  • FUNCTION: Basic surfactant, foaming agent
  • Appearance: clear liquid
  • pH of a 10% solution: 10 ÷ 11
  • Active substance,% (m / m): 35 ÷ 37
  • Color according to Klett, Klett degrees: max. 50
  • Unsulphated substances,% (m / m): max. 0.3
  • Sodium sulphate (%),% (m / m): max. 1.5
  • Molecular mass: approx. 261
  • Solubility in water: no restrictions
  • Other solvents: low aliphatic alcohols
  • Density at 25 ° C, g / ml: about 1.06
  • Odor: characteristic

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