Biodegradable low foaming nonionic emulsifying surfactant Rokacet R26 (PEG-26 Castor Oil)

Biodegradable low-foaming non-ionic emulsifying surfactant Rokacet R26 200 kg – surfactant, not classified as a hazardous product according to CLP regulation, easily dissolves in water and most organic solvents, low freezing point (0 degrees Celsius), stable in a wide pH spectrum, particularly resistant acid, environmentally friendly.

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ROKAcet R26 is a non-ionic surfactant belonging to the group of polyoxyethylene castor oil fatty acid esters called INCI PEG-26 Castor oil. This surfactant is in the form of a clear and clear liquid. The product’s solidification point is about 0 ° C. The product dissolves well in water and low aliphatic alcohols. The active substance content is a minimum of 99.5%. Is a substance not classified according to the CLP regulation. It is easily biodegradable in the natural environment. These features contribute to the fact that it is a product eagerly chosen by industrial formulators. ROKAcet R26 is used primarily in machining fluids based on soluble oils, semi-synthetic coolants, as well as neat oils. It can be included in flame-retardant HFA hydraulic fluids used, among others in the mining industry. Due to its emulsifying properties, the product is widely used in liquid pesticidal formulations such as EC, SC, EW and ME. ROKAcet R26 also has low foaming properties, good resistance to acidic environment and moderate resistance to alkaline environment. ROKAcet R26 can be used as a softener in the textile, leather and paper industries

Product Advantages:

  • Biodegradable product.
  • Product not classified.
  • It dissolves well in water.
  • The product is soluble in most organic solvents.


  • A component of machining coolants used in machining processes.
  • Plant protection products.
  • Textile, leather and paper industry.

Industries and Applications:

  • Metallurgical industry and machining
  • Textiles and textiles
  • Agrochemicals


  • Product name: ROKAcet R26
  • Chemical name: Castor oil, ethoxylated
  • EC number: Polymer
  • CAS number: 61791-12-6
  • Appearance: pale yellow liquid
  • Iodine color: max. 10
  • Water,% (m / m): max. 0.5
  • Saponification number, mg KOH / g: 74 ÷ 82
  • pH of a 10% solution: 7.5 ÷ 9.5
  • Molecular mass: around 2030
  • Solubility in water: good
  • Other solvents: acetone, benzene,
  • ethanol, carbon tetrachloride
  • Odor: characteristic
  • Flash point, ° C: above 250
  • Freezing point, ° C: around 0
  • Density at 30 ° C, g / ml: 1.03

Other means of identification:

  • Castor oil, ethylene glycol polymer;
  • Castor oil, ethylene oxide reaction product;
  • Castor oil, polyethoxylated

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PEG-26 Castor Oil