Biodegradable non-ionic anti-static thickening co-surfactant (Cocamide DEA) Rokamid KAD

Biodegradable non-ionic anti-static thickening co-surfactant Rokamid KAD – agent stabilizing and improving foam quality, improving consistency due to active production of mixed micelles, supporting the process of emulsion formation, efficient, anti-static. Particularly recommended for formulations where, in addition to cleaning properties, re-greasing surfaces is also desirable. It is environmentally friendly.

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ROKAmid KAD is a non-ionic surfactant called INCI Cocamide DEA. It is made on the basis of natural vegetable oils. It is a clear or slightly cloudy liquid with a light yellow to yellow color. ROKAmid KAD belongs to the most common co-surfactants and has a number of very interesting application properties.

ROKAmid KAD primarily plays the role of a rheology modifier – a thickener that improves consistency by creating so-called mixed micelles. When mixed with anionic surfactants, it improves and stabilizes foam quality. It is very effective already in low concentration. It has washing properties – removes impurities from the skin and hair surface and at the same time has an oiling effect. The washing process deprives the skin of, among others fatty substances, which is why re-greasing substances, i.e. ROKAmid KAD, are used, which rebuild the lipid barrier, thus protecting the skin against external factors and damage.

In addition, the product has emulsifying properties – it is a co-emulsifier supporting the emulsifier responsible for producing the emulsion. Due to the synergy in action with anionic surfactants, ROKAmid KAD is added to concrete admixtures, especially in difficult applications, where it improves the quality of aeration. This non-ionic co-surfactant can be successfully used in industrial cleaners together with other non-ionic degreasing agents, e.g. in the petroleum industry.

Due to its form and dispersibility in water, ROKAmid KAD can act as a glidant in the production of polyethylene and polypropylene films. Its anti-static allows applications in the plastics production process. Combined with metal salts, it forms an antistatic additive to polystyrene and impact-resistant polystyrene mixtures. In addition, it can act as a corrosion inhibitor. This feature was used in water-dilutable, semi-synthetic and synthetic coolants for metalworking and in polishing agents.

The liquid form of ROKAmid KAD facilitates the handling of the product, i.e. storage, transport and dosing, as well as allows the creation of recipes without heating. This is particularly important when using the active ingredients of the formulation, sensitive to high temperatures.

Product Advantages:

  • excellent thickener,
  • foam stabilizer,
  • acts as a co-emulsifier,
  • effective in low concentrations,
  • has washing and re-greasing properties,
  • has antistatic properties,
  • easy to operate in technological processes,
  • easily biodegradable.


  • cosmetics and detergents,
  • shampoos,
  • hair coloring preparations,
  • liquid soaps,
  • washing liquids,
  • bath lotions,
  • shower gels,
  • balms,
  • hair care preparations,
  • beard care preparations,
  • concrete admixtures,
  • plastics production,


  • CHEMICAL NAME: Amides, C8-18 (even) and C18 unsaturated,
  • N, N- bis (hydroxyethyl)
  • INCI NAME: Cocamide DEA
  • CAS NUMBER: 68603-42-9, 68155-07-7
  • EC number: 931-329-6
  • REACH registration number: 01-2119490100-53
  • FEATURE: Thickener, foam stabilizer
  • External appearance at (20 ÷ 25) ° C: clear or slightly turbid, viscous liquid from light yellow to yellow
  • Iodine color: max. 8
  • pH of a 1% solution: 9.0 ÷ 11.0
  • Free fatty acids% (m / m): max 0.3
  • Free diethanolamine,% (m / m): max 3.0
  • Water,% (m / m): max 0.5
  • Molecular weight g / mol: about 312
  • Water solubility: soluble
  • Other solvents: acetone, ethanol, isopropanol, chloroform
  • Density at 20 ° C, g / ml: about 0.98
  • Viscosity at 20 ° C, mPa · s: about 1000
  • Aroma: characteristic of coconut oil
  • Boiling point, ° C: above 200 with decomposition
  • Flash point, ° C: above 180
  • Freezing point, ° C: about 4

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68155-07-7, 68603-42-9




Cocamide DEA



UN number

UN 3082

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