Borax sodium tetraborate decahydrate

Borax (sodium tetraborate decahydrate) – that is, sodium tetraborate decahydrate with the chemical formula Na2B4O7 • 10H2O is an inorganic chemical compound with a very wide range of applications. It is used in the production of ceramics, detergents, borosilicate glass, and insulating glass fibers. Borax is used as a natural and ecological cleaning agent. It has whitening properties, softens washing (as an addition to washing nuts), insecticide and herbicide.

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Borax or sodium tetraborate with the chemical formula Na2B4O7 • 10H2O is an inorganic chemical compound. It is a product with a very wide range of uses, but it should be used only after reading and understanding all safety measures, because it is toxic. Product for professional use, keep locked and away from children.

Application of sodium tetraborate:

In the household, it can be used as a preparation for insects, cockroaches and fleas. To prevent ants, boil half a glass of water with one glass of sugar, then add a tablespoon of borax after cooling. Place the obtained preparation in places that are often haunted by ants.

It can be used as a preparation to repel wasps and hornets. Dissolve borax in water in the proportion of 1:10, i.e. 1 portion of borax to 9 portions of water. The obtained preparation should be plentifully sprayed on the nest of insects that you want to get rid of. Then leave it to dry for several dozen minutes, then repeat the spraying. The solution sticks to insects that irritate it. The insects take off and then die. Sodium tetraborate is also used for: clearing sewage pipes, producing ceramics and borosilicate glass, as a soldering and welding flux.


  • Substance name: SODIUM TETRAPHATE
  • Chemical formula: Na2B4O7 • 10H2O
  • CAS number: 1303-96-4
  • EC Marking: 215-540-4
  • Index number: 005-011-01-1
  • Registration number: 01-2119490790-32
  • Form: solid
  • Color: white
  • Water solubility: 4.7% at 20 º C; 65.6% at 100 ° C
  • PH value: 9.3 (0.1% solution); 9.2 (1.0% solution); 9.3 (4.7% solution)
  • Melting point: 741 ° C
  • Boiling point: 1575 ° C
  • Decomposition temperature: Water of crystallization loss: 8H2O at 60 ° C and 10H2O at 320 ° C
  • Specific gravity: 1.71 at 20 ° C


  • borax,
  • disodium tetraborate decahydrate

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ERP Identifier

EU 1575