Caustic Soda Sodium hydroxide – flakes

Sodium hydroxide, Caustic Soda – flakes. Caustic soda in flakes, NaOH is one of the basic chemical raw materials that is used in many industries such as: chemical, textile, pulp and paper, rubber and pharmaceutical industries also in wastewater neutralization processes. It has washing, disinfecting, degreasing, purifying, corrosive and highly hygroscopic properties. Hazardous substance, precautions should be taken. Offer only for companies

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Sodium hydroxide, caustic soda or in the form of an aqueous solution of Soda Lye. Corrosive strongly reactive base. The store’s offer includes sodium hydroxide in 25 kg bags, on a 1000 kg pallet or in the form of an aqueous solution – Sodium lye 49-51% – in 25 l / 40 kg canisters, DPPLs (pallet containers) 1150 kg.

The use of soda lye is found in almost all branches of industry. It is a sodium carrier in the production of surfactants, an auxiliary raw material in the paper industry, the production of synthetic dyes and in water treatment processes. In the food industry, sodium hydroxide is used by butchers, dairies and sugar factories as a disinfecting and cleaning agent.

Due to its biocidal properties, sodium hydroxide is widely used in breeding livestock for disinfection of hives, poultry houses, piggeries, stables, cowsheds, etc. In the form of soda lye – a three percent aqueous solution – it works well as a means of preventive and planned disinfection of livestock surfaces and breeding.

Caustic soda is also used as an active agent – in the form of a 1-3% aqueous solution – in disinfecting mats for preventive disinfection inside the farm, e.g. before entering the breeding grounds, on access roads to the feed warehouse and manure export. As well as in the event of an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease, plague or other contagious livestock disease.

Caustic soda is widely used in Western European orcharding as a preventive measure or to combat bothersome fungal infections – commonly known as cancer of fruit trees and vines. Dutch experts like Peter Van Arkel recommend the use of 10% caustic soda – an aqueous solution of sodium hydroxide – to protect long plugs after winter cutting of trees and vines, as well as combating cankers on trunks and branches. Sodium hydroxide solution is especially recommended for protecting unpurified wounds.

Warning! Sodium hydroxide is a dangerous substance. Even in solid form, it may be irritating to the skin, eyes and respiratory tract. Use appropriate personal protective equipment when using caustic soda or its aqueous solutions.


  • NaOH content min. 98%
  • CAS 1310-73-2
  • Appearance white flakes
  • Iron content Fe2O3 max. 15 mg / kg
  • NaCl content max. 0.02 (m / m)%

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UN 1823

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