Hydrochloric acid synthetic 33 %

About the product:

  • Synthetic hydrochloric acid 33%
  • Intermediate for the production of chemicals
  • An excellent pH regulator in water treatment
  • Used in the plastics industry
  • Used in soldering and electroplating
  • Production of professional cleaning products

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WARNING! A precursor to explosives and / or drugs. When buying, please send the statement that is in the downloads, documentation section.


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Hydrochloric acid is obtained by absorbing a gas called hydrogen chloride in water. Such production is characterized by excellent product purity. Highly concentrated acid left in contact with moisture creates thick, white, smoking fumes. The maximum acid concentration that can be reached is 37%. Concentrated is a strong poison that causes immediate irritation of the mucous membranes. It has corrosive properties, it perfectly destroys, i.e. it coals: sugar, textiles or wood, causes burns.

Hydrochloric acid applies:

  • for water treatment (pH adjustment)
  • for municipal wastewater treatment
  • for industrial cleaning and washing
  • in power industry for regeneration of ion exchangers
  • in the production of industrial chemistry, incl. agrochemicals or plant protection products and fertilizers
  • in the production of household chemistry products
  • for the extraction of ores in the mining industry
  • in the production of biofuels, oils and greases
  • in galvanizing and galvanizing processes
  • in tanning
  • in the textile industry
  • in the construction industry as an additive for concrete and mortar, for insulation of wires and cables, for adhesives and construction adhesives


  • Hydrochloric acid concentration 33%
  • CAS 7641-01-0
  • Appearance colorless or slightly yellow liquid
  • Density 1.16-1.18 g / cm3
  • Iron content max. 5 mg / kg
  • Arsenic content max. 0.05 mg / kg
  • Water solubility unlimited

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UN 1789

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