Nonionic surfactant (Isotrideceth-8) – Rokanol IT8

ROKAnol IT8 is a non-ionic surfactant from the group of ethoxylated fatty alcohols called INCI: Isotrideceth-8. It belongs to the group of surfactants based on isotridecyl alcohol, iso-C13. The commercial product contains approximately 100% of the active substance.

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ROKAnol IT8 is a white, cloudy liquid or paste, solidifying at a temperature close to 8 ° C. At 40 ° C it is a clear liquid with a light color, i.e. max. 50 on the Hazen scale. ROKAnol IT8 has hydrophilic properties, thanks to which it dissolves well in water and low aliphatic alcohols. It is characterized by moderate foaming. It has a high turbidity point within 76 ÷ 78 ° C in butyl diglycol / water solution. It can be successfully used in the environment of oxidizing agents, reducing agents and hard water.

Due to its ionic nature, the product can be used in a mixture with other non-ionic auxiliaries and in formulations with anionic and cationic surfactants. The use of ROKAnol IT8 ensures perfect wetting of the cleaned surface, and due to the very good detergent properties, also the high quality of removing dirt from the surface of both fabric / knitwear and hard surface. What’s more, the product has the ability to disperse dirt particles in aqueous cleaning processes, which is an asset that is important in detergents. For this reason, the product works perfectly as a component of slightly alkaline as well as acidic detergents for professional washing and industrial and institutional cleaning. In professional washing liquids ROKAnol IT8 is most often combined with other non-ionic surfactants, BDG and alkalis. Such compositions may also contain anionic surfactants, e.g. ABSNa.

In addition, ROKAnol IT8 has found application in fiber pre-treatment processes. It can be successfully recommended for removing oil stains (mineral oils) from fabric / knitwear, which are the result of industrial knitting and weaving processes. The product, thanks to very good wetting properties of cotton fabrics, can be used as an ingredient in bleaching compositions, raw knitwear and cotton fabrics. Its presence in the formulation improves bleaching efficiency, which improves dye capillarity in dyeing processes. ROKAnol IT8 meets the safety standards for textiles set by leading world textile institutes, such as the Oeko – Tex Standard Association and the ZDHC Program.

ROKAnol IT8 is a very good silicone oil emulsifier with which it creates microemulsions. Such compositions are used, among others as softening agents necessary in textile processes. Compatibility with derivatives of silicone compounds is also used in cosmetics for hair care and styling.

In industrial applications, it is used in preparations for cleaning heavy dirt in the machine industry and as an emulsifier in metalworking products and in hydraulic fluids. Emulsifying and wetting properties are a desirable feature in the agrochemical industry, which is why the product is used in liquid pesticidal formulations such as EC, EW, SC and SE. ROKAnol IT8 is also an intermediate for obtaining anionic surfactants, including phosphoric esters or carboxyethers.

ROKAnol IT8 is also used as an additive used in the emulsion polymerization process. Products from this process are important in the production of food packaging or food contact materials. The product is approved for use as an indirect food contact additive based on a list published by the American organization FDA (Food and Drug Administartion) and the German organization BfR (Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung).

FDA list:

  • 105
  • 176180
  • 176200
  • 176210
  • 3910

BfR list:


Please note that the product may only be used in accordance with the definitions provided by the organization and the maximum permitted dose should not be exceeded.

ROKAnol IT8 is completely biodegradable and meets the criteria of the detergents directive.

Product Advantages:

  • excellent wetting agent and dispersant,
  • very good detergent properties,
  • hydrophilic properties,
  • effective solubilizer,
  • stable in low and high pH formulations,
  • improves dye capillarity in the dyeing process,
  • removes oil stains from knitwear and fabrics,
  • easily biodegradable,
  • compatible with nonionic, anionic and cationic formulation ingredients,
  • has been approved for use as an indirect food contact additive.


  • cleaning hard surfaces,
  • liquid detergents and softeners,
  • commercial washing products,
  • cleaning kitchen dirt,
  • institutional cleaning products,
  • cotton bleaching products,
  • agents for removing oil stains from weaving processes,
  • formulation component for cleaning and metalworking,
  • hair care products,
  • component of plant protection products.


  • CHEMICAL NAME: Alcohols, C13, branched, ethoxylated
  • INCI NAME: Isotrideceth-8
  • CAS NUMBER: 69011-36-5
  • FUNCTION: Wetting agent
  • External appearance at (20 ÷ 25) ° C: cloudy liquid or paste
  • Water,% (m / m): max. 0.5
  • pH of a 1% solution: 5.0 ÷ 7.0
  • Hazen color at 40 ° C: max. 50
  • Cloud point (butyl diglycol / water solution), ° C: 76 ÷ 78
  • Molecular mass: about 550
  • Other solvents: low aliphatic alcohols
  • Odor: weak, characteristic
  • Density at 30 ° C, g / ml: about 1.00
  • Freezing point, ° C: about 8
  • Solubility in water: good
  • Hydrophilic-lipophilic balance (HLB): 12.8

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