ROKAmid RAD (Oleamide DEA, Rapamide DEA)

About the product:

  • non-ionic surfactant based on rapeseed oil,
  • in liquid form,
  • good thickening properties,
  • very good foaming, washing, emulsifying and antistatic properties,
  • effective at low concentrations,
  • forms a stable foam at low and high temperatures,
  • rebuilds lipid barrier of skin and hair,
  • synergistic in action with anionic and other non-ionic surfactants,
  • manufactured in GMP EFfCI facilities,
  • biodegradable product.
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ROKAmid RAD is a rapeseed oil based, non-ionic surfactant that belongs to the alkanolamide group (INCI Rapamide DEA or Oleamide DEA). It has the form of a clear or slightly turbid liquid. It usually takes on a light yellow to yellow colour. This product is classified as a cosurfactant but is not as commonly used as Cocamide DEA. However, it has better thickening properties.

As a component of formulations containing anionic compounds, ROKAmid RAD acts as a rheology modifier. It thus causes thickening and improves the consistency of the finished product. The product is effective at low concentrations. In combination with anionic surfactants, it generates foams with high stability and density. It is effective at both low and high temperatures.

ROKAmid RAD is a surfactant with good antistatic and emulsifying properties. It supports the action of other emulsifiers responsible for producing a wide variety of emulsions.

Due to its re-oiling abilities, ROKAmid RAD is used in washing formulations. Since the washing process removes fatty substances, re-oiling agents, such as ROKAmid RAD, are deliberately used. They are designed to rebuild the lipid barrier of the skin or hair. As a cleansing substance, it also removes other impurities from the surface of the skin and hair.

The product is successfully used as an ingredient in industrial cleaning products. It is used in the production of degreasing preparations in the petroleum industry. This application primarily utilises the synergistic action of the product with other non-ionic degreasing agents.

Due to its very good interaction with anionic surfactants, ROKAmid RAD is used in the construction industry as a component of concrete admixtures. It works very well as an aerating additive. The product in mixtures with metallic salts forms an antistatic additive for polystyrene foam and impact resistant polystyrene mixtures.

The dispersing ability of ROKAmid RAD predisposes it to be used in lubricants used in the manufacture of polyethylene and polypropylene based plastic parts. The surfactant also works well in water-thinnable, semi-synthetic and synthetic metalworking coolants and metal surface polishing formulations.

The liquid form of ROKAmid RAD makes it easy to handle, especially while dosing, during transport and storage. It also enables the components of mixtures to be combined without heating. This is important for active ingredients in formulations that are sensitive to high temperatures.

 Product benefits:

  • wide range of functions in formulations,
  • universal use in many industrial applications,
  • effective foam stabiliser and co-emulsifier,
  • effective in low concentrations and over a wide temperature spectrum,
  • easy to use, store and transport,
  • stable price of the raw material.


  • Cosmetics: shampoos, hair colouring formulations, liquid soaps, bath lotions, shower gels, hair care formulations,
  • detergents: washing liquids and gels,
  • construction industry: additives and admixtures for concrete and cement mortar,
  • production of plastics,
  • metal processing,
  • vehicle cleaning and care products.