Acetic acid 80 %

Acetic acid 80% – ethane acid – methane carboxylic acid is an organic compound from the group of carboxylic acids. Natural acid, present in most fruits, which is produced during bacterial fermentation. Industrially produced by bacterial fermentation of sugar, molasses or alcohol, or chemical synthesis from acetaldehyde. Acetic acid – CH3COOH.

WARNING! A precursor to explosives and / or drugs. When buying, please send the statement that is in the downloads, documentation section.


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Acetic acid is a colorless, corrosive liquid with a pungent odor of vinegar. Easily soluble in water and methyl alcohol. Acetic acid has hygroscopic properties.


  • in the food industry (E260) it is used in the production of pickles, processed cheese, sauces and salads. It is used as a preservative against bacteria and fungi, as well as as a fragrance ingredient;
  • in tanning – for tanning leather;
  • in the textile industry – for dyeing;
  • in heating technology to remove boiler scale;
  • in the chemical industry as a component of cleaning and disinfecting agents;
  • in industrial water treatment.
  • Other applications are: organic synthesis, production of monochloroacetic acid, acetic anhydride, polyvinyl acetate; also as a natural latex coagulator.


Transport and storage:

Acetic acid is a corrosive substance – it is subject to regulations on the transport and storage of hazardous materials.

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UN number

UN 2789

Packing group


Transport hazard class(es)

3, 8

ERP Identifier

EU 0050