Sodium silicate solution (Soda water glass) R150

Sodium water glass R150 – sodium silicate solution. A product with a wide range of applications in many branches of the chemical, processing and construction industries. It is an ecological product, used e.g. for wood impregnation. It is used for the production of washing and disinfecting agents, as a corrosion inhibitor, as well as adhesives. You can also read about the specific applications of our product in the application section. The price includes packaging.

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R150 sodium water glass – sodium silicate alloy or sodium silicate solution, systematic chemical names of the product are silicic acid or sodium salt. The color of the product is iridescent with a gray shade or a clear liquid without smell.

R150 sodium water glass is characterized by many parameters such as molar concentration, molar ratio, density, sum of oxides and viscosity. These parameters determine the quality of the product and its applicability. Soda water glass has a very wide range of applications in the chemical industry, processing and construction. Due to its good water solubility, it is used in the production of household chemicals, e.g. detergents, powders and washing up liquids. In the water treatment process, to clean it of heavy metals, to soften to get rid of compounds that cause scale deposits. Soda water glass is also used for the preparation and impregnation of wood and fabrics to obtain a fireproof surface (wood impregnated with water glass does not support the burning process). Another branch of industry in which water glass is used is the paper industry, used for whitening cellulose products and chipboard, and as a binder for various types of adhesive compounds, i.e. glues and putties. In construction as an addition to cement or mortar. Formulations based on water glasses are called ecological building materials. It regulates the process of moisture absorption, strengthens concrete, increases the adhesion and resistance of plasters to weather conditions, i.e. low temperature and humidity. In the steel industry, for the production of high quality foundry molds. Soda water glass is also used for the production of corrosion inhibitors and for the production of anti-dusting agents. It is a very ecological product, after drying it leaves a glassy layer that does not have a negative effect on the human body, plants or animals. In the cosmetics industry for the production of pigments. To stabilize soil and land, and even in the refinery industry to stabilize the structure of oil.


  • Chemical name: Silicic acid, sodium salt
  • CAS No: 1344-09-8
  • EC-No .: 215-687-4
  • Molar module: 1.9 ÷ 2.1
  • Oxide content (SiO2 + Na2O): not less than 40%
  • Density (20oC) g / cm3: 1.5 ÷ 1.53
  • Dynamic viscosity (P): not less than 1
  • Physical state: Liquid at 20oC and 101.3 kPa
  • Color: white, transparent or translucent
  • Odor: No characteristic odor
  • pH: 11-13 at 20oC
  • Solubility: Aqueous solution of sodium silicate – water glass is mixed with water in every ratio. The product is insoluble in most organic solvents

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