Sodium sulphate – technical quality

Anhydrous sodium sulfate technical is an inorganic chemical compound with the formula Na2SO4. It is a white crystalline material with hygroscopic properties, a rhombic or hexagonal structure. Sodium sulfate is widely used in the pulp and paper and glass industry, in the production of paints, dyes, washing powders, detergents, as well as in pharmacy, tanning, combined heat and power plants and water treatment.

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Sodium sulfate is an inorganic chemical compound, a salt of sulfuric acid and sodium hydroxide. It takes anhydrous or hydrated form – heptahydrate and decahydrate. In nature, it occurs as a very rare mineral tenardite. One way to obtain sodium sulfate is the Mannheim process based on the reaction of sodium chloride with sulfuric acid. It has a wide range of chemical properties used in many industries.

In the glass industry it is used as an aid in the production of glass. Even a small amount of this substance causes clearly visible effects: it improves melting, eliminates the formation of alkaline bubbles and melt mass settling.

Anhydrous sodium sulfate due to its wide properties is involved in the paper formation process. It helps in the separation of cellulose from the mother liquor.

This agent is also added to various products, examples of such applications may be washing powders, paints, dyes, fixatives or developers. This material is also used in medicine as a so-called Glauber’s salt.

Thanks to its hygroscopicity, it can perfectly absorb water from the surroundings, which makes it an excellent moisture absorber.


  • Chemical formula: Na2SO4
  • The content of the main ingredient (Na2SO4) min. 99.6%
  • CAS No: 7757-82-6
  • Molar mass 142.04 g / mol g
  • Form: solid
  • Odor: no smell
  • pH: 5-9
  • Melting point: 884-888 ° C
  • Boiling point: no data available
  • Auto-ignition temperature: not applicable
  • Flash point: not applicable
  • Explosion limits: not applicable
  • Bulk weight: about 1200-1700 kg / m3
  • Solubility in water: 200 g / l (20 ° C)
  • Hygroscopic raw material, protect against moisture

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