Ammonia, aqueous solution (ammonium hydroxide) 25 %

Ammonia water 25%, (ammonium hydroxide) – Ammonia water in 25% solution, aqueous ammonia solution is a substance with a characteristic, pungent, suffocating odor. Also called ammonium hydroxide is used in the pharmaceutical, textile, chemical and rubber industries. Liquid ammonia is used in flue gas desulphurization processes as a laboratory reagent for the production of cleaning agents. Also as fertilizer and pH regulator.


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Ammonia water in a 25% solution is used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry as a laboratory reagent, in tanning it is used for the production of gelatin, for the production of dyes and for the production of cleaning agents.

Technical ammonia water, ammonium hydroxide is used in the rubber and glass industry. In the power industry in installations for reducing the emission of nitrogen oxides into the atmosphere.

In agriculture as an artificial fertilizer for acidifying the soil, effective if it is delivered to the soil in a timely manner. In agriculture, it is easily absorbed fertilizer and soil pH regulator.

In the wastewater treatment process, ammonia water is used as a medium supplementing ammonium nitrogen.

Used to neutralize acid residues and to degrease and clean galvanized sheet before painting. Washing is carried out under pressure with a 5-6% ammonia water solution with the addition of surfactants.

Ammonia water in a 25% solution used to remove tarnish from all types of metals, removes tarnish, patina and rust.

When using ammonia water, wear protective clothing, gloves and eye / face protection.

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