Sulfur – granules

Granulated sulfur. Average fraction 4.5 mm. Sulfur as a chemical compound has a very important function in life, proper development. Used for acidifying the soil. Its task is to help in the absorption of nitrogen from the soil. It is used, among others, in the cultivation of apple trees, which protects against a disease called apple scab.

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Sulfur is an element widespread in nature and as a component of sulfur amino acids (methionine, cysteine, cystine) performs very important functions in shaping the quality of plant protein. Is a component of most phosphorus fertilizers.

Soil acidification using granulated sulfur.

Granulated sulfur works great as a substance stabilizing and lowering soil pH in crops of plants requiring extremely low soil pH. Granulated sulfur works slowly and in order for it to be fully effective in acidifying the soil, some time must pass after application. By applying small doses in the autumn, plants in the acidified field can already be planted in the spring. When using the agent Sulfur granulated in an amount of 2.5-3.5 kg / 10 m2. one year grace period should be kept. Granulated sulfur can also be used when plants are planted but one-time application cannot exceed 100g / 10 m2. Sulfur is commonly used for acidifying the soil, for breeding blueberries, rhododendrons and azaleas. More on soil acidification using granular sulfur in our blog article.

Greenhouse disinfection using granulated sulfur

Granulated sulfur is also used in crop greenhouses and in plastic tunnels for disinfection. It is carried out immediately after the end of the growing season by gassing with sulfur dioxide. Sulfur should be mixed with potassium nitrate or potassium permanganate. The mixture should be evenly distributed in greenhouses or tunnels on metal sheets or trays. Light the mixture starting from the tray furthest from the entrance. This process should be performed at 20 degrees. After burning the granulated sulfur mixture after 24 hours, the room should be ventilated and the plants grubbed up. The applied dose should be 15 g / m3 of the building’s volume. Sulfur vapors are poisonous. Do not stay in the greenhouse during the procedure. More about disinfection in greenhouses using granulated sulfur in our blog article.

Quality parameters of granulated sulfur:

  • Form (shape): granules
  • Color: yellow with a yellow-gray shade
  • Sulfur content, not less than: 99.95%.
  • Fraction grain:
  • Grain class above 0.5 mm to 6.3 mm, not me than 90%.
  • Sifting 0.5 mm and grain class above 6.3 mm to 10 mm, no more than 10%.

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