Water impregnation for wood with nanosilver – TopMeister Holz

TopMeister Holz wood hydrophobization preparation – an aqueous coating preparation based on nanotechnology is ready for use. The coating components are crushed to the size of nanometers, which results in excellent penetration of the impregnated wood surface. It absorbs and penetrates wood very well thanks to slow drying.

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TopMeister Holz – wood impregnation based on nanotechnology. Nanosilver particles contained in the impregnation protect wood against damage even up to several years after application. Impregnation does not cause wood discoloration and does not stick to pores, leaving the degree of breathing unchanged. The preparation is intended for impregnation of all types of unpainted wood. It guarantees durable protection of applied wood, thus extending its life and appearance. TopMeister Holz is a response to the needs of people who, on the one hand, want wood to retain its natural character (without a varnish flash), and at the same time require it to be resistant to the ingress of aqueous liquids and other dirt. TopMeister Holz for wood causes that the applied surface loses the ability to soak through water and is a barrier that significantly hinders the deposition of all dirt, mud and impurities. Wood can be painted with stain before impregnation.


  • Unpainted wood such as: garden furniture, wooden houses (log houses) outside and inside, paneling, flower pots, saunas, finishing around swimming pools, wooden sculptures, garden fences and many others.


  • Protects wooden surfaces against dirt, water and UV radiation,
  • Even the repeated application does not change the natural appearance and “touch” of the covered material,
  • Prevents physical, chemical and biological erosion of wood,
  • Dirt, deposits, dust and mud (also grease and oil) are easily removed with clean water (preferably under pressure),
  • Protects against the development of mosses, algae and mold,
  • Does not contain silicones, waxes and oils (which limit the “breathing” of applied materials and change their appearance and touch feeling),
  • Long-term surface protection against water, dirt


  • HVLP gun,
  • brush or roller,
  • garden sprinkler.


  • 50 – 100 ml / m2


  • 1 to 3 years (depends on the degree of abrasion).

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