Aluminum sulfate 17%

Aluminum sulfate contains Al2O3 17% – it is an inorganic chemical compound, sulfuric acid and aluminum salt. Aluminum sulfate in the form of granules is a great coagulant, thanks to which it is used by various institutions to improve the functionality of water and sewage management. It is also used in other branches of the economy, in the tanning, paper and chemical industries.


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Aluminum sulfate is a white solid. It dissolves well in water, it doesn’t dissolve in ethanol. It is obtained by reacting sulfuric acid with aluminum hydroxide. Aluminum sulfate is a product that is widely used in many industries.


The use of aluminum sulfate in industry:


  • to obtain a preparation that is used to coagulate the impurities found in the pool water, thanks to which the water is easier to filter,
  • for the elimination of unpleasant odors from wells and sewage lines,
  • as a flocculant for removing colloidal suspensions in liquids improving suspension sedimentation,
  • as an addition to the production of mild disinfectants and washing products,
  • as an addition to dyeing mortar,
  • for the production of paper products and cardboard,
  • in chemical reactions to obtain other derivatives of aluminum compounds,
  • in the tanning industry for tanning leather,
  • as a substance that reduces corrosion of the installation,
  • as a means of protecting the water reservoir against eutrophication,
  • is used as one of the soil pH acidity regulators.


  • Form: solid
  • White color
  • Odor: no smell
  • pH:> 3.5 (5g / 100ml; 20 ° C)
  • Melting point: 110 ° C
  • Boiling point: no data available
  • Auto-ignition temperature: not applicable
  • Flash point: not applicable
  • Explosion limits: not applicable
  • Relative density: 1.50-1.70 g / cm3
  • Bulk density: 700-850 kg / m3
  • Water solubility: the preparation dissolves in water without restrictions.


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