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Technical Acetone – one of the most common polar, organic solvents ketone with the chemical formula C3H6O. It finds industrial, professional and consumer applications. It is used in the production of antifreeze and foaming agents. Technical Acetone is an intermediate in many chemical processes. Used in chemical laboratories for cleaning and drying laboratory glassware.

WARNING! A precursor to explosives and / or drugs. When buying, please send the statement that is in the downloads, documentation section.


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Technical Acetone (propanone) is a ketone with a very characteristic sharp odor. It is an organic, polar solvent, and thus perfectly mixed with water, ethanol and other polar compounds. It works well for degreasing processes and initial surface preparation when gluing various rubber, glass, metal and plastic elements. Also used before the painting process to clean the surface of dust, dirt and fats. It is used in: Antifreeze agents Foaming agents As an intermediate In the production of cosmetics, pharmaceutical substances As a solvent In a chemical laboratory.


  • Chemical Name: technical acetone (propanone)
  • CAS number: 67-64-1
  • EC number: 200-662-2
  • Molecular mass: 58.08 g / mol
  • The chemical formula of C3H6O
  • Density at 15 oC 0.795-0.798 g / cm3
  • Acetone content 99.6%
  • Water content 0.35%
  • Boiling point 55.6 oC

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