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Sorbitol, Sorbit powder E420 25 kg

Sorbitol (Sorbit) is a sugar alcohol, first discovered in rowanberries. Natural Sorbitol is present in various fruit, e.g. in apples, pears or plums. Sorbitol, food additive E420, used in the food industry as a sweetener, filling agent or moisture retaining agent. Sorbitol, or sorbitol syrup, is one of the basic ingredients of food products. It is present in confectionery products, e.g. in chocolate, lollipops, desserts, food preserves, marmalades, and in sauces, frozen fish or seafood. Sorbitol is also an ingredient of bakery products, e.g. low-sugar bakery products. In the cosmetic industry, Sorbitol is used as a surfactant with moisturising and softening properties. In cosmetics, Sorbitol acts as a humectant – a moisturising agent. Sorbitol-based hand creams have moisturising and smoothing properties, leaving skin smooth and silky. Also used in hair shampoos and lotions. Sorbitol as a sweetener is present in lip cosmetics, lip glosses, leaving a sweet and pleasant taste. In cosmetics, it is also used as an ingredient of mouth washes or tooth pastes. Added to tooth pastes, it gives them a sweet taste. Sorbitol is a popular ingredient of cosmetics for children. Sorbitol is used in the chemical industry for the manufacture of plastics, paints, resins, and rigid polyurethane foams. In pharmaceuticals, it is used as an ingredient of laxatives. In the textile industry – as a softening agent and colour stabiliser. In the tobacco industry – as moisture absorbent. Also encountered in farming – as a feed additive.

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Sorbitol, Sorbit powder E420 25 kg - Natural Sorbitol (Sorbit) is present in fruit, while synthetic Sorbitol is obtained through reduction of the glucose sourced from corn syrup. Sorbitol takes a form of sweet crystalline powder and is highly water-soluble. In the food industry, Sorbitol is a food additive, number E420, used as the sweetener, filling agent and moisture retaining agent. In household chemicals, it is an ingredient of cosmetics. Also used in the plastics, textile and paper industry. In farming – as a feed additive.

Sorbitol is available in the following packaging:
•    25 kg bag
•    300 kg 12 bags on a semi-pallet
•    1000 kg of 40 bags on a semi-pallet