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Stearin pallet 1000 kg

Stearin – the name comes from stearic acid, containing from 16 to 18 atoms of carbon. The product has broad application in various industrial branches. Stearin is most commonly used as an additive in the manufacture of candles – it hardens the wax and has beneficial effects on temperature and the duration of burning. It is used as an additive – added to soap for gloss and hardness. It is used in cosmetics. It is also applied as a consistency modifier, emulsifier, antistatic agent and antioxidant. Stearin is used to coat metals, e.g. powdered iron and aluminium – raw materials found in fireworks, where stearin as an additive extends their shelf life. The product has a wide range of applications, it is used in the manufacture of rubber mixes, e.g. tyres, gaskets, conveyor belts, rubber hoses and synthetic rubbers. In rubber production, it is used as a dispersant, plastifier – it softens the product to allow the modification of its elasticity and hardness as the addition of stearin makes rubber resistant to stretching. It is also used as an activator in vulcanisation. It serves as a stabiliser in the manufacture of PVC, i.e. polyvinyl chloride. Stearin is used for polishing – it successfully prevents corrosion or oxidation on metal parts, e.g. of tools. Stearin is mostly a mixture of saturated fatty acids. It is made of fats of animal origin, including beef suet. Beef fat has the most stearic acid. Stearin is also made of fats of plant origin, e.g. of palm oil.

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Stearin pallet 1000 kg – a mixture of mostly saturated fatty acids containing from 16 to 18 atoms of carbon. Made from fats of animal origin, e.g. beef fat as it contains considerable quantities of stearic acid, and vegetable oils. Stearin has broad application in various industrial branches – in the manufacture of candles, soap, cosmetics, rubber products, caoutchouc and other plastics.

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