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Water glass, sodium silicate R137 DPPL 1200 kg


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1200 kg
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About the product
Water glass, sodium silicate, R137 DPPL 1200 kg – solution of sodium silicate. Product with a wide range of application in chemical and processing industry and for production of building materials. It is an ecologic product used for wood impregnation. It is being used for production of cleaning-disinfecting agents, as a corrosion inhibitor and for adhesives. More interesting application can be found in the application section. Price includes the canister.
Water glass, sodium silicate R137 available also in:
75 kg
Producer: Z.Ch. Rudniki S.A.
Time necessary for order preparation: 3-5 working days.

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Water glass, sodium silicate R137 DPPL 1200 kg – sodium silicate or a solution of sodium silicate, the systematic chemical names of the product are silicic acid or sodium salt. Colour of the product iridescent with a grey tint or clear liquid without odour. Sodium water glass R137 is characterized by many parameters such as molar concentration, molar ratio, density, sum of oxides and viscosity. Those parameters determine product’s quality and its’ possible application. Sodium water glass has a wide range of application in chemical and processing industry and for production of building materials. Due to the good solubility in water, it is used for the production of household chemicals, e.g. detergents, powders and dishwashing liquids. In the process of water treatment, to clean it of heavy metals, to soften, to get rid of compounds that cause limescale. Sodium water glass is also used for the preparation and impregnation of wood and fabrics to obtain a fire-resistant surface (wood impregnated with water glass does not sustain the burning process). Another branch of industry in which water glass is used is the paper industry, used for bleaching cellulose and chipboard products and as a binder for various types of adhesive compounds, i.e. adhesives and putties. In construction industry as an additive to cement or mortar. Formulations based on water glasses are called ecological building materials.

It regulates the process of moisture absorption, strengthens concrete, increases the adhesion and resistance of plasters to atmospheric conditions such as low temperature and humidity. In the metallurgy industry for the production of high quality moulds. Sodium water glass is also used for the manufacture of corrosion inhibitors and for the production of anti-dusting agents. It is a very ecological product, after drying it leaves a glassy layer that does not have a negative impact on the human body, plants or animals. In the cosmetics industry for obtaining pigments. For the stabilization of soils, and even in the refining industry to stabilize the structure of oil.

Chemical name: Silicic acid, sodium salt
CAS number: 1344-09-8
WE number: 215-687-4
Molar ratio: 3,2÷3,4
Oxides content (SiO2 +Na2O): not less than 35 %
Density (20oC) g/cm3 : 1,37÷1,40
Dynamic viscosity (cP): not less than 1
Physical state: liquid in 20oC ad 101,3 kPa
Colour: White, transparent or translucent
Odour: it is not perceptible
pH: 11-13 in the temperature of 20oC
Solubility: An aqueous solution of sodium silicate - water glass is mixed with water in every ratio. The product is insoluble in most organic solvents